Xtreme Thermoburn
Xtreme Thermoburn

Xtreme Thermoburn

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Xtreme Thermoburn 120ct.

Xtreme Thermoburn dietary supplement is an Ephedra weight loss diet pill. This Ephedra diet pill contains only the ingredients needed to lose weight, unlike other Ephedra diet pills that contain ingredients that do not aid in weight loss.

Ephedra Proprietary Blend 340mg

  • Green Tea Extract - 100mg
  • Caffeine - 100mg
  • Synepherine - 15mg
  • White Willow Bark - 100mg
  • Black Pepper - 25mg

Xtreme Thermoburn Reviews

Extreme Thermoburn will increase your energy, speed up your metabolism, and burn body fat all without causing the jitters or nausea. Try Extreme Thermobun Ephedra diet pill from today.

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