What is Ephedra?

As you look around our site, you’ll notice we stock a lot of supplements that contain ephedra. You probably also noticed it’s in our name! So what is ephedra, anyway? This article will give you a brief overview of this ingredient and point you towards some resources if you’d like to find out even more.

What Is Ephedra Used For?

Technically, ephedra is the name of a plant genus that contains 65 distinct species. Ephedra typically grows in arid or semi-arid regions and can be found all over the globe. In many cultures, it has been an important ingredient in traditional medicine. Its use in Chinese medicine dates back thousands of years and continues today. It has been used to treat colds, the flu, congestion, fever, headache, and coughs, among other things.

Ephedrine and Weight Loss Supplements

Like any plant, ephedra contains a complex assortment of chemical compounds. One of them is ephedrine, a stimulant that was found to significantly increase the body’s metabolism. For this reason, it became a widely-used ingredient in supplements designed to help support weight loss.

Unfortunately, ephedrine was also found to have potentially dangerous side effects in some individuals, which led to the FDA banning the use of the substance in supplements in 2004.

Is Ephedra the Same As Ephedrine?

You might be wondering: if ephedrine was banned, why can I still get supplements with ephedra?

Good question. As we mentioned above, ephedrine is just one of the chemical compounds found in the plant ephedra. It is not even found in all species of the plant, but primarily in Ephedra Sinica, also known by its traditional Chinese name Ma Huang.

It is possible, then, to have ephedra that does not contain ephedrine by either removing the chemical or selecting a species of ephedra that does not naturally contain it.

None of the supplements available here at Ephedra Warehouse contain ephedrine.We are careful to abide by all federal regulations when it comes to the supplements we stock.

Ephedra Supplements Today

The FDA’s decision about ephedrine didn’t eliminate interest in ephedrine-free forms of ephedra. After all, ephedrine is just one of the many compounds in ephedra that may have benefits.

Recent research has shown some benefits of ephedrine-free ephedra (see below). We don’t currently know what other effects it may have. We encourage you to have a look at our best-selling ephedra supplements and to browse the reviews. Of course, everyone is different, but it can be helpful to read about what others’ experiences have been.

You’ll notice that our ephedra supplements contain other ingredients as well, many of which have benefits that are better established by research. Each product page includes a section on the ingredients that include links to relevant studies.

More Ephedra Resources

If you’re someone who likes to dig into the research, two recent studies about the benefits of ephedrine-free ephedra extract can be found here and here.

Finally, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We have a lot of experience with ephedra supplements and would love to have the chance to answer any questions you might have or help you choose a supplement that’s right for you.

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