What is Ephedra?

Sometimes, it might seem easier for you to simply nod your head when you see the ingredients on a label of diet pills, rather than actually learning what the ingredients mean. In order to be the best possible diet pill user, it’s a good idea to start asking questions about the supplements you’re taking into your own body. While many rumors have floated around about ephedra, here’s the truth about what it is and what it can do for you.

Ephedra and What it Is

Ephedra is actually a shrub that grows in a number of climates around the world. It offers those who eat it a boost of energy, so older cultures use to chew on it or make it into a tea to help them stay energized when they were hunting. And if the hunters were not successful in their hunt, the ephedra tea would help them feel less hungry, so it was beneficial during leaner times too. Other names for ephedra include:

  • Joint-pine
  • Joint Fir
  • Mormon Tea
  • Brigham Tea
  • Mahuang
  • Sea Grape

Yes, you can find ephedra growing in the wild, though that’s probably not the best way for you to use it as a part of your weight loss program.

Benefits of Using Ephedra

There are a variety of benefits for using ephedra as a part of a weight loss program. If you’ve been struggling with weight loss on your own, it can help to add ephedra to your routine.

  • Sustained energy – For those who feel they get tired from working out a lot or eating less, ephedra can offer you more energy during the entire day, helping you stick to your plan and not turn to food.
  • Calorie control – At the same time, ephedra allows you to feel less hungry, which is going to support you when you’re trying to manage the calories you take in each day.

When taken properly, ephedra allows you the chance to have all of the weight loss support you want to help you lose the pounds you need to lose.

Ephedra and Heart Patients

There has been a lot of talk in the past about ephedra and what it can do to your heart. For a time, ephedra was taken off the market because of fears for public safety. What you need to know is:

  • Those with medical problems need to see their doctor first.
  • Always follow the recommended dosage instructions.
  • Ephedra alkaloids are now available too.

The truth is that many people should not take ephedra and if they’d talked to their doctor, they would have learned they needed to use alternatives or lower dosages.
When you’re taking any pill, you need to learn more about it before you pop it into your mouth. With ephedra, you will lose the weight you need to lose, and now that you know more about it, you can lose this weight safely.