Viper Hyperdrive 5.0
Hyperdrive With Ephedra

Viper Hyperdrive 5.0

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Hyperdrive Ephedra Diet Pill 25mg
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Viper Hyperdrive 5.0 Ephedra Diet Pill 60 tablets with 25mg of Ephedra

What is Viper Hyperdrive with Ephedra?

Viper Hyperdrive 5.0+ with Ephedra is ALR's newest dietary and energy supplement on the market. It combines all the previous versions of Hyperdrive's formula and adds in 25mg of Ephedra for the extra appetite suppressant and energy it provides. This is by far ALR's best dietary and energy supplement on the market.

Benefits of Viper Hyperdrive 5.0+ with Ephedra

Now that ALR has added Ephedra to the Hyperdrive formula, this products is designed to melt fat away. It will increase your metabolism rate and energy level at a rapid pace, as it is a rapid release formulation.

Ingredients of Viper Hyperdrive 5.0

  • Ephedra Extract 25mg
  • Acacia Rigidula
  • Phenylethylamine Alkaloids
  • Yohimbe Extract
  • Theobromine
  • Citrus Rx Proprietary Synergistic Matrix

Viper Hyperdrive 5.0+ with Ephedra Reviews

 The newly re-designed Hyperdrive formula was formulated for the user. Adding Ephedra gives the user the added appetite suppressant and fat burner they need to achieve all their weight loss goals.

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