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Trifecta Kit

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M1D Andro
Epi-Andro 50


Trifecta Prohormone Andro Kit by LG Sciences

As men these days, we’re fed up.

A few years ago, we could hit the gym straight from the office and still have enough in the tank to bust out a workout we were proud of. Now it seems like there’s less time in the day, and even when we can find the time to work out, the results we want and try for seem harder and harder to come by.

Not only that but with lack of exercise and constant overworking, more and more men are beginning to lose confidence and find themselves in a negative cycle leading to feelings of depression and inadequacy.

What if there was a way we could get that grit and toughness back?

What if instead of working harder for less, we could get the most out of our workout at any age?

The Trifecta Kit from LG Sciences has been helping men like us to boost our performance for more than ten years. This three-product system is designed in three stages:

  • Bulking stage to assist in bolstering your testosterone levels, helping to increase energy levels, build lean muscle mass, and bring out the beast trapped in you.
  • Cutting phase designed to limit the body’s estrogen production, trim the fat and leave you looking lean and ripped.
  • Post-Cycle Therapy to regulate your body’s hormones and maintain the gains you work for.


M1D Andro: One of the most popular prohormones around. Designed to naturally boost your body’s testosterone levels help you BULK back up to punishing pumps and sleeve-busting biceps.

EpiAndro 50: Among the best products for the weightlifter who wants to keep the bulk and lose the fat. Designed to limit estrogen production and help TONE you down to increase muscle definition. Can help with increased libido and aggression.

Form-XT: Now this system isn’t designed for the meek. After an intense cycle of high workout performance and increased hormonal levels, your body will need time to normalize those levels to MAINTAIN the physical progress you’ve made. The PCT (Post-Cycle Therapy) phase lets you keep those gains during this regulatory process after your cutting cycle. Proper cycling is essential to get the most out of your work out system.

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