Starter 2
Starter 2 Diet Pills with Ephedra

Starter 2

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Starter 2 by WinStar Health Labs

100ct - 25 mg Ephedra

Starter 2, formulated by Winstar Health Labs, is an incredible weight loss supplement that can give you the power to lose weight fast and keep it off. Starter 2 is a great ECA stack supplement. ECA stacks - which proved to be an unbelievably effective fat burning combination prior to the ban on ephedrine. Starter 2 can give you an immense amount of energy, send your metabolism through the roof, and promote weight loss.* This diet pill may give you the boost you need to tip scales and finally transform your body into the one you have always wanted.*

Starter 2 Ephedra by Winstar Supplement Facts

Starter 2 Ephedra Facts

Starter 2 Proprietary Blend Yields: 25mg of Ephedra

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