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Green Stinger Sample Pack

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Green Stinger Ephedra Sample Pack

Green Stinger diet pill samples are perfect for those that want to try Green Stinger with ephedra before making the leap of faith in a bottle purchase. The sample pack consists of a four pill Green Stinger diet pills, by Schwartz Labs, which is a one day supply. We highly recommend this if you're new to ephedra diet pills, because they all differ in strength and they all affect us differently. The sample packs will let you personally review Green Stinger. Here at Ephedra Warehouse, we also have sample packs available for the other Schwartz Labs products - Lean & Hot, and Ultimate Burn. With your sample pack we will include a 10% discount toward your product of choice.

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Sample pack, not enough to tell. Product was smooth, no effects. Sampler should be at least 4 servings min.
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Reviewed by: Randolph Bush from Honolulu, Hi on 1/11/2014
Hiker Hunger -- Curbing the desire
I am not overweight and do not have losing weight as a goal. I just completed a long distance hike and the 6 months I was on the trail created "hiker hunger" which are these cravings for thousands of calories of food and the feeling of never feeling full. Serves well on the trail, but doesn't serve me well off the trail now in my regular world. I have heard many stories about hikers getting really fat in the months following their long distance hike. I didn't want to be one of those people! Besides defeating the fact that I am in the best shape of my life right now, the sudden weight gain would not be very healthy. I tried Green Stingers out for 4 days, and I was able to return to eating smaller meals 3-4 times a day. I didn't feel like I was on speed or high or anything. I just had a little more focus and wasn't constantly hungry. I am going to reorder and keep them on hand for those few days a month where I can't shove enough food in my mouth on any one day (ladies you know what I am talking about).
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) Hiker of the AT from New York, New York on 11/25/2013
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) CHRISTINE CARENDER from NIXA MO on 9/6/2013
Green stinger
Green stinger is great. It wakes me up and keeps me going. It's the best product I've tried.
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Reviewed by: Troy from Bartow, fl on 5/7/2013
reminds me of the old hydroxycut or xenadrine.. works great!
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Reviewed by: candy from FL on 4/4/2013
Green Stinger
First time using this product . Lots of energy no appetite.Going to order again.
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Reviewed by: Pete from california on 3/12/2013
Green Stinger
Thought it worked well. Just took the edge off to stay on track for healthy eating habits.
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Reviewed by: Debbie Hansen from Vancouver, WA on 2/7/2013
green stinger
Green Stinger seems to be a good happy-medium for energy and as an appetite suppressant without feeling like my heart is gonna beat outta my chest. I really don't mind the shakes, unlike most people, but this product was a nice, clean type with no shakey feeling. I will be ordering more.
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Reviewed by: Heidi Moon from ohio on 1/27/2013
So far so good
This is the first time I have taken ephedra since thermodrene and so far I like. Time to order a bottle and see how good this stuff really is.
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Reviewed by: Jason from Atlanta, GA on 1/15/2013
the best i have found so far will order again
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Reviewed by: cedric young from chicago il on 1/2/2013
Green Stinger vs Phentalene
I tried samples of Phentalene and Green Stinger first. Phentalene is time released but my chest got tight and my breathing was off so I think that was to much for me. I decided to order the Green Stinger so I could decide if I wanted more or less ephedra in the morning or afternoon. If I take 2 tablets, I do get a little shakey but it feels like good energy. Very happy with the product I chose.
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Reviewed by: Tara from Maine on 11/25/2012
I have never tried any of these pills before. I have been lacking energy lately and thought Id give them a shot. Wow! What a difference. Shortly after taking them i was awake and ready to go. I am definately going to be ordering more.
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Reviewed by: Chris Bryant from Tonawanda on 10/20/2012
I triesd the sample and just loved them,bought a bottle the same day! The best pills since they took it off the market! I am always looking for the old ephedara well I found even better. I have been taking them for about 2 weeks lost 3 pounds so for 10-15 more to go. I have more energy, no jitters,better all around mood. I will be reordering. I wouls tell anyone to buy them you will love them.
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Reviewed by: cathyleen ruelle from louisiana on 9/5/2011
diet medicine reduce fat
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Reviewed by: sujit from hig-b-275,ph-iii,kalinga vihar, chhend, rourkela on 8/26/2011
Green Stinger-Goldilocks, "Just Right"
I bought the all sample packs and I am reviewing each, so please look for the product and my review: Ultimate-Burn, Lean-Hot,Green-Stinger. I tried each for a day, alternating the 3 for a 6 day period. I had the same breakfast each day through the trial. Green Stinger: Of the (3), this was just right: I felt like my metabolism was speeding up, I didn’t feel too speeded up, I felt no hunger for hours and I had increased focus.
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Reviewed by: SlowedMetab from Los Angeles on 7/15/2011

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