Q: What are the ingredients?

Asked by: ??? - 11/22/2015
A: Please check out the Supplement Facts tab for an image of the ingredient list for Lipodrene with Ephedra.
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Answer provided by: Customer Service (10/19/2016)

Q: How long does this product stay in your system. How does it reflect in a drug screen?

Asked by: Jovie Palmer - 9/19/2017
A: Lipodrene with Ephedra does not show up on a drug test. The amount of time it will stay in your system depends on your body type. Everyone's body processes the supplement differently.
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Answer provided by: Hunter (9/19/2017)

Q: Do the tablets dissolve quickly? I would like to take this in the am before my workout, but I need to know if it is gradual all day energy or a burst of energy for my workout.

Asked by: Candace Wilson - 7/18/2017
A: Lipodrene with ephedra is designed to help the user throughout the day. If you are looking to take a supplement prior to your workout we recommend trying one of our preworkouts. The Stryker Pre-Workout is designed to give you the boost you need while in the gym.
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Answer provided by: Hunter (9/19/2017)

Q: Is there gluten in Lipodrene? I am a newly diagnosed Celiac looking for a gluten free diet pill. I can't any gluten.

Asked by: Cassie Milar - 6/26/2017
A: We recommend you contact the manufacturer directly to discuss the ingredients in Lipodrene.
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Answer provided by: Hunter (9/19/2017)

Q: if I order Lipodrene today, when will I receive it?

Asked by: terry gallagher - 11/28/2017
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