Mini Thin
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Mini Thin

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Supplement Facts

Product Details
Ephedrizine Serving: 25mg
Serving Size: 1 tablet
Servings Per Container: 24
Manufacturer: DBI Distribution
Suggested Use: As a dietary
supplement, take (1) one tablet,


Mini Thin Energy Pills by DBI Distribution 24 Tablets

DBI Distribution is now offering a two-way action energy supplement called Mini Thin. After reformulating this product, DBI brought Mini Thin back with an even better new formula. DBI is committed to bringing its customers the best in over the counter dietary supplements. Mini Thin delivers all day explosive energy with just one dose.

What is Mini Thin?

Mini Thin has a revolutionary new formula from DBI Distribution. Mini Thin contains 25mg of Ephedrizine Proprietary Blend. DBI has also added the energizing fusion of ingredients like caffeine, corynanthe, and green tea. Mini Thin can boost your energy levels and keep them there throughout your day.

Ingredients in Mini Thin

  • Proprietary Blend: Caffeine Anhydrous, Corynanthe Extract, Kola Nut, Caffeine Group Alkaloids, Green Tea – 208mg
  • Ephedrizine Proprietary Blend: 3,7-Dihydro-3, 7-Dimethyl-1H-Purine-2, 6-Dione, Yerba Mate, Bacopa Monnieri, D-Aspartic Acid, Pilocarpus Pennatifolius, White Willow Bark, L-Arginine Ethyl Ester DiHCL, Choline Bitartrate, Beta Alanine, DMAE, L-Alanine, Capsicum, Sodium Pyruvate, Guanidino Propionic Acid, Horedine – 25mg

Benefits of Mini Thin Energy Pills

Mini Thin, the two-way action energy pill, is back and better than ever. Mini Thin is an extremely efficient energy pill that can help you burn more calories and not feel so tired. This pill is the new generation of energy supplements. Mini Thin enhances your stamina and performance in the gym or at work. Just taking one tablet daily will energize you like never before.

Mini Thin Reviews

Mini Thin increases your energy levels to new heights. Mini Thin works for hours longer than any of the competing energy supplements. Mini Thin is available for a very reasonable price in comparison to energy shots and drinks that don’t last nearly as long. Try Mini Thin today from Ephedra Warehouse, and let us know what you think by writing a review.

As with any new supplement, be sure to consult with your doctor prior to consumption of Mini Thin. For the best results and to avoid side effects, please follow the directions for use carefully.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose, or prevent any disease.

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