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MaHuang RFA-1

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Supplement Facts

Product Details
Ephedra Per Serving: 25mg
Serving Size: 1 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 60
Manufacturer: Sports 1
Suggested Use: As a dietary
supplement, take one capsule 
in the morning and one capsule 
prior to exercise.
Begin by taking only 1 per day
to assess tolerance.


MA HUANG RFA-1 by Sports One

Ma Huang RFA-1 by Sports 1 is an ephedra-based diet supplement designed for all of us who need a little boost to help in the fight against stubborn body fat.

Body fat loves to stay glued to your sides and is notoriously difficult to lose. Sometimes, you can go through all the effort of exercise and watching what you eat, to see the same results repeatedly on the scale.

Seeing no results can be seriously frustrating, and a lot of folks give up at this stage and go back to their old ways. That’s why the gym is usually dead by February - all of the New Year Resolutioners have waved the white flag after hitting the plateau. Please stick with it. It’ll be worth it. We promise.

With Ma Huang RFA-1, you can finally achieve the body you deserve.

How Ma Huang RFA-1 Works

Ma Huang RFA-1 is designed to help the body trim down and build more muscle in response to regular exercise. It has a complex blend of ingredients that are intended to work together to:

  • Burn more fat by raising metabolic rates
  • Avoid hunger pangs and cravings
  • Increase energy levels

It should come as no surprise that the old version of Ma Huang RFA-1, Ma Huang RP, was so popular in the bodybuilding community. The secret is out now, and everyone can now see the benefits of this fantastic product.

Ma Huang RP Sports One

Have you been scouring the web looking for your favorite old product, Ma Huang RP by Sports One?

You’ve come to the right place. Unfortunately, the Ma Huang RP was temporarily discontinued by Sports One. The good news is that Sports One has re-released it under a new name - Ma Huang RFA-1 - with an upgraded formula.

Ma Huang RFA-1 is the replacement product for Ma Huang RP, by the same company. If you liked the original formula of Ma Huang RP, give the new version a shot. It’s been formulated by Sports One to be an improved version of the old Ma Huang RP. If you liked Ma Huang RP, there’s a big chance you’ll love the new one.

Ephedra Warehouse Promise

Don’t keep yourself waiting. Order Ma Huang RFA-1 today! The only thing you have to lose is that pesky fat.

With Ephedra Warehouse, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you feel like you need more of a boost, you’re welcome to return the product within 30 days of delivery. We accept returns for refunds, product exchanges, and store credits - even if your bottle is opened!

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