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Lipodrene Hardcore

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Lipodrene Hardcore contains 25mg of Ephedra per serving. This Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals hardcore diet pill won't let you down. With its potent formula, this product is excellent for weight loss, energy, and bodybuilding.
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Supplement Facts

Product Details
Ephedra Serving: 25mg
Serving Size: 1 tablet
Servings Per Container: 90
Manufacturer: Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals
Suggested Use: As a dietary
supplement, take (1-2) tablets after meals,
once or twice per day


Lipodrene Hardcore

25mg of Ephedra

The Hardcore Version of Lipodrene Original.

While Lipodrene is certainly a favorite among serious dieters, if you want an even more powerful diet supplement, Lipodrene Hardcore is the one for you. With additional ingredients and a new formulation, this new Lipodrene is ready to help you reach your weight loss goals even faster than you thought possible. Another great product from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, Lipodrene Hardcore diet pills can help you drop extra pounds and feel great when you do it.

Lipodrene Hardcore vs Lipodrene Original

When you look at Lipodrene Hardcore with Ephedra, you might not immediately see the difference and what makes this a new Lipodrene. But for those who have used diet pills in the past, this diet supplement formulation includes a unique blend of energy boosters. You will never feel tired or run down on Lipodrene.

  • Acacia Rigidula Extract
  • Citrus Aurantium 60% Extract
  • Cassia Nomame Extract
  • 6,7 dihydroxybergamottin
  • 5-Methoxytryptamine HCL
  • Yohimbe 8% Extract (bark)
  • Evodiamine
  • Yerba Mate Extract
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Theobroma Cocoa Extract

What are the benefits of Lipodrene Hardcore by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals?

If you have already seen the Lipodrene Hardcore reviews, you know that people see results. But you might want to know what is in it for you when you take Lipodrene Hardcore diet pills.

  • Much more energy: The many stimulants in Lipodrene Hardcore are perfect for the dieter who is had troubles with little energy during weight loss programs. You do not have to feel tired when you are dieting anymore.
  • Steady energy levels: Instead of feeling jum or having energy crashes, Lipodrene Hardcore helps to feel energized at a constant pace.
  • Appetite suppression: You will also notice it is easier to push away the plate when you use Lipodrene Hardcore diet pills.
  • Increased fat burning: The thermogenic effect of ingredients like Evodiamine help your metabolism rise, even if you are just sitting around your house.
  • To make sure you're using Lipodrene Hardcore diet pills effectively, always follow the instructions on the label. You should take 1 to 2 tablets of Lipodrene Hardcore in the morning and take 1 tablet after lunch. Dieters should not exceed 4 tablets daily.

    Lipodrene Hardcore Reviews

    The Lipodrene Hardcore reviews are in, and dieters are winning the war against fat. By just changing to Lipodrene Hardcore diet pills by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, you can see an increase in your fat loss as well as a decrease in your appetite. It is easier than ever to lose weight and to keep it off. When you need something more powerful than the regular diet pills at the store, you need Lipodrene Hardcore.

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    Good stuff
    This stuff is great gives you initial boost and then holds it for hours without making one too jittery.
    Did you find this helpful?  1 of 1 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: Steve P. from Las vegas on 6/28/2020
    This product is working great! I’m losing weight and having tons of energy. Also, it suppressed my appetite nicely. Love it!
    Did you find this helpful?  5 of 5 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: Theresa from Portage, Indiana on 6/20/2020
    It's not an appetite suppressant, it makes me insanely hungry. And feel sick all day after taking it, so I have ZERO energy. I hate this pill I'm mad I spent money on. I will not be doing it again. If I could give negative stars I would, because it did the opposite of what the purpose of the supplement is supposed to do.
    Did you find this helpful?  6 of 10 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: Sylvester from Arizona on 4/13/2020
    Lipodrene HARDCORE, did not work for me. Original Lipodrene with Ephedra, for me much better, plus when doubled, not a problem.
    Did you find this helpful?  3 of 3 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: RANDOLPH E BUSH from Honolulu on 11/19/2019
    I'm finally losing weight again. Lost 4.4 lbs. in the first 9 days. Decreases appetite and gives me energy. Gave me jitters at first but they disappeared after a few days.
    Did you find this helpful?  3 of 3 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: Alicia from Decatur on 11/2/2019
    This is amazing
    I had lost 14lb in 2 weeks
    Did you find this helpful?  5 of 7 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: Angelina Gales from Home on 5/20/2019
    It really curbs your appetite . Helps you lose the weight you struggle with I love it..
    Did you find this helpful?  1 of 1 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) Miss Thing from Lutz, florida on 2/15/2019
    Love this product. Gives great energy and curbs appetite
    Did you find this helpful?  1 of 1 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: Sue h from Norristown on 12/18/2018
    Excellent product, I have been using it prior to purchasing here. Delivery and price were both excellent. Great job!
    Did you find this helpful? 
    Reviewed by: John from Las Vegas on 7/5/2018
    The best fat burner I’ve ever taken! Fast and very effective. The focus is intense and the burn is awesome!
    Did you find this helpful?  2 of 2 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: Jason from Mcallen on 5/30/2018
    Returning Customer
    I can say hands down that this product will help you with energy. I kickbox and was trudging along my workout, out of breathe and tired. Since i started taking this product, i see a crazy difference in my energy! Now instead of doing 9 rounds, i am able to do 12-13 rounds with ease! I highly recommend this product:)
    Did you find this helpful?  1 of 1 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) Angie Garcia from Texas on 1/25/2018
    Lipodrene Hardcore Review
    I have taken both lipodrene and lipodrene hardcore and haven't noticed a significant difference between the two. I like both supplements and have had success with both but don't think there's a huge difference between regular and hardcore other than how annoying the name is.
    Did you find this helpful?  2 of 2 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: Mary from Chicago on 12/1/2017
    Will Order Again!
    I love this product. Will order again!
    Did you find this helpful? 
    Reviewed by: Melissa from Sugarcreek on 12/1/2017
    Lipodrene Hardcore Review
    Overall a good product. I would say this is more a beginners pill. Not as strong as I like but as a Bogo a decent value.
    Did you find this helpful? 
    Reviewed by: John from Redbank Tn. on 8/2/2017
    Lipodrene Hardcore Review
    Awesome Product!!!!??
    Did you find this helpful?  0 of 2 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) Bev from Austin TX on 12/12/2016
    I liked the product. Second thing I've tried and it seems to work. Energy is boosted and appetite is controlled
    Did you find this helpful?  0 of 1 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: Justin from New York on 8/20/2016
    "The Best so far"
    I've used Ephedra based products for over 15 years and Lipodrene Hardcore is the best thus far! Great appetite suppression, great energy and a great mood lift! This product has no drawbacks in my opinion and is an excellent buy at around $30.00 bucks! Highly recommend!
    Did you find this helpful?  2 of 3 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: Kerry Avitt from Braidwood, IL. on 7/13/2016
    Lipodrene Hardcore Review
    This is an amazing item.
    Did you find this helpful?  0 of 2 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: Ashley from Grants Pass on 6/29/2016
    You can feel this product work. You definitely feel more alert with more energy but it affects my wife and I stomach too much to continue to take. We will send back and try something else. We eat before we take and the stomach issues are still present. This would be a keeper if not for our sour stomach.
    Did you find this helpful?  2 of 4 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) Ryan from Elizabethville on 5/29/2016
    Great Product/Fast Shipping
    Lipodrene Hardcore is a highly effective product I've been taking for over 6 months now. It kills my appetite and gives me a lot of energy. Ephedra Warehouse was very reasonable with their price and shipped it the next day! I'm very pleased and will shop often with them!
    Did you find this helpful?  2 of 4 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: Ronald Avitt from Illinois on 5/12/2016
    *WARNING* Very Effective For Weight Loss
    These things are simply *amazing* and incredibly effective for weight loss. When I take these, I almost completely lose interest in food. I make myself eat a bit before going to the gym so that I don't get nauseous, but on my off days from the gym they reduce my appetite so much that I could go the whole day with just having one or two 180-cal weight loss shakes (Kirkland brand). The weight is melting off of me. I've been taking one or two days a week off from the pills to give my body a break and to eat some bigger meals. In the first week of taking these I lost 7lbs pretty effortlessly, including one "cheat day" off. I'm sure some of it was water weight but I also lost two inches around the waist.
    Did you find this helpful?  5 of 7 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: Kae from San Jose on 4/14/2016
    This works better than anything I have ever tried. It gives me the energy, and alertness I need, especially when it comes to studying for tests.
    Did you find this helpful?  1 of 3 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: Robyn from Fenwick on 3/5/2016
    Couldn't be Happier
    By far the best I have tried keeps me energized all day! Absolutely love it! It suppresses my appetite all day and I have lost quite a few lbs quickly. Could not be happier with the product.... :)
    Did you find this helpful?  3 of 5 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: Lauri from Daytona Beach, Florida on 12/19/2015
    if you need help with a 10 or 20 pounds.
    Stuff works great. Lost pounds super fast. I was using them for 4 days regular dosage then taking a break for 3 days while eating moderately. Also drink lots of water lots of water. Keeps you going with less jitters.
    Did you find this helpful?  20 of 25 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: Ryan from methuen ma on 7/1/2013
    Working Mom
    I have been taking this product for about a week and it gives me the energy I need for a good workout. I'm happy with it so far, I'll keep you posted on further results
    Did you find this helpful?  8 of 11 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: S D from Union Cty. NJ on 6/19/2013
    Lipodrene Hardcore Review
    I ordered it to boost my energy after lunch because I get crushed in the afternoon. It gives me what I want at same time I lost 4-5 lbs in one month. I take only one pill in the morning. If I take another one at lunchtime I get terrible jittery and I could not sleep at all. So I will try continuously one pill a day.
    Did you find this helpful?  17 of 21 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: JJ from San Diego, CA on 6/7/2013
    Just as I expected
    This product has been working great. It has helped suppress my appetite but I does make me hot. (Could be homones due to recently having a baby.) I eat in the morning & take 1 pill. I do, however, find that I "crash" as few hours after taking it. My friend has also been taking it. He does not get hot nor feel the "crash". It could just be me.
    Did you find this helpful?  24 of 30 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: Angela from Ft. Lauderdale, fl on 5/31/2013
    Great product
    Great Product, but I had better results with the original lipodrene with ephedra.
    Did you find this helpful?  1 of 3 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: Crystal Huntsman from USA on 5/29/2013
    Going back for seconds
    Lipodrene hardcore is amazing. Lost 15 lbs in the first 30 days. Im going back for seconds.
    Did you find this helpful?  35 of 38 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: Nate from henderson on 5/20/2013
    Love this product! Finally something that works like old school xenadrine with ephedra. No jittery but very alert and awake. I just started taking it today. Took my first pill this morning. So far no side effects. I will report in one week how much weight I've lost.
    Did you find this helpful?  87 of 127 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: Jackie from Miami, Fl on 5/13/2013
    Love this product, even better than the regular lipodrene I ordered, feeling better everyday, seeing awesome results.
    Did you find this helpful?  9 of 11 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: Summer from Florida on 5/5/2013
    Worth it
    Use it often, worth ever cent. Already dropped 20 lbs
    Did you find this helpful?  29 of 36 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: Paul from Chico on 3/30/2013
    Great Energy
    So far so good on energy! Been taking it for a week now and has definitely supressed my appetite.
    Did you find this helpful?  3 of 4 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: Kristie from Victoria, Tx on 3/19/2013
    Fast Weight Loss
    Great Product, tons of energy even more sweat, weight came off faster then ever
    Did you find this helpful?  9 of 12 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: Alex from Los angles Ca on 12/20/2012
    Lipodrene HARDCORE
    I like the Hardcore better than the Regular with Ephedra Lipodrene. Extra Energy and Curbed appetite with out any adverse side affects. :)
    Did you find this helpful?  49 of 53 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: Jill from Highview WV on 12/16/2012
    If i had to choose between this and the original lipodrene, i would choose lipodrene hardcore. I have been taking them for about 2 weeks and it has supressed my appetite and best of all i have lost 13 pounds.
    Did you find this helpful?  43 of 46 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: Joshua from New Braunfels tx on 10/4/2012
    So far so good
    I have been using Lipodrene hardcore for one week so far and it has curved my appetite, and gives me a great boost of energy, also I haven't been getting any jitters like some people have experience. Since I started I have lost a total of 12 lbs so far. Also to help with the diet pills I do a 20 minute Eliptical work out and 80 sit ups.I only take 2 pills a day, 1 in AM and 1 around lunch However I have had one day where I didnt feel so great. But I did notice that I wasnt eating properly.
    Did you find this helpful?  8 of 10 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: Stu from Maryland on 9/8/2012
    Lipodrene Hardcore - Great Product
    I loved the original Lipodrene before they had to change it. I was hoping this product would be the match for the old Lipodrene. I'm not disappointed one bit. This product has given me the energy and the appetite control that I was looking for. I will order this product again. Love it!
    Did you find this helpful?  18 of 21 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: Allie from Houston, TX on 8/10/2012
    Lipodrene Hardcore
    I have been a big fan of the regular Lipodrene and have been looking for something to replace it for my morning workouts. Nothing out there compares to this product!! I've tried several fat burners and this one by far is the best. I only take one pill a day prior to my morning workout and then I do take one of the regular Lipodrene pills prior to lunch. It helps to cub my appetite, stay alert and had helped me to increase my workouts!!
    Did you find this helpful?  6 of 8 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: Andrea Nardell from akron, ohio on 7/12/2012
    Lipodrene has been perfect for getting me over my plateau. I have used them for about a week now and have cut 8 lbs. As others have started, I need to remember food intake. The key for me is watching calories. Lipodrene hardcore has helped with consuption levels.
    Did you find this helpful?  53 of 59 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: Suda from Southern Oregon on 7/1/2012
    Not for me
    I am a long-time ephedra user and not really sensitive to caffeine so I thought this would be fine. Nope, instead of a pleasant alert feeling I get jitters, chills and an upset stomach. I can offset the stomach issues by taking with a ton of food but that sort of defeats the purpose of the appetite suppressant. Back to the epehdra-based pills for me. (This may be the right pill for someone else, just not me)
    Did you find this helpful?  1 of 2 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: Vie from Indiana on 4/23/2012
    Lipodrene hardcore is awesome. I've lost 9 lbs since I started taking them. I recommended them to a friend of mine. He just started taking them. I have 5 more I want to loose. Keep making a great product. It's awesome and my energy level is perfect.
    Did you find this helpful?  4 of 6 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: Tracy from Houston on 4/13/2012
    lipodrene hardcore
    I have only been taking this for a week or so now & so far so good! Lots of extra energy, no jitters & I'm just not hungry, have to remember to eat. Would recommend to anyone who needs a little pep in their step:-)
    Did you find this helpful?  7 of 9 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: kristy from lebanon, tn on 3/15/2012
    Great Product
    Love this product!!!!!!!!!! I work 12 hour days and this is the thing that keeps me going. My stomach is funny with what i can take and i get no side affects from this item just energy!!!!
    Did you find this helpful?  4 of 6 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: Michele Rine from Clyde, Ohio on 2/5/2012
    I used Lipodrene Hardcore on Saturday and by Friday I lost 6 pounds without any exercise. The container indicated that you will feel the results within 30 minutes. After taking the first pill, my mood was relaxed and chill. I never expirienced this feeling with any other diet pill. I've shared my enthusiasm with the girls at work. They all enjoyed the overall initial reaction of taking their first pill. They indicated that they have to remind themselves to eat.
    Did you find this helpful?  12 of 14 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: Sunya from California on 1/15/2012
    New User
    Not too sure about this product!!!! The only thing ive gotten from it is 45-60 minutes worth of jitters. However, I have noticed increased energy, but thats not the reason for trying the product. Ive been useing it once a day in the mornings for about three weeks with no weight loss results worth mentioning.
    Did you find this helpful?  1 of 4 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: SC from Texas on 1/12/2012
    Surprised Ephedra Free
    I felt a bit misled this was ephedra free since its sister product Lipodrene has 25 mg. I have been taking 1 pill before each meal & I do feel leaner and clothes are looser. The first day was accompanied by some jitters for me.
    Did you find this helpful?  2 of 7 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: Mary Kathryn from CT on 12/27/2011
    WOWWW! I was skeptical so I ordered both the Original Lipodrene and Lipodrene Hardcore. My Original is still sealed on my counter while i find my self restocking the Lipodrene Hardcore.
    Did you find this helpful?  6 of 8 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: Lynn from Reno on 8/3/2011
    Lipodrene Hardcore Review
    I really enjoy Lipodrene Hardcore. I have been a Lipodrene user for about a few years now and Im happy to see that they have came out with this new hardcore formula.
    Did you find this helpful?  5 of 7 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: Kali from Miami Beach on 4/3/2011
    Nothing Compares!
    i've tried multiple products out there and nothing compares to this! I've got so much energy now,I don't want to stop working out. It's a true appetite suppressant
    Did you find this helpful?  3 of 5 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: Jessica from Austin,TX on 3/25/2011
    Lipodrene Hardcore Review
    Have used lipodrene hardcore for 4 days now. First pill made me a little shaky but tons of energy and almost forgot to eat. I take one before I workout and it really helps to keep me going. Just be careful not to take to late in the day. I took one at 3 and didnt sleep at all so I dont take any after noon and it has been better. Highly recommend if you have taken diet pills before but dont think its for the beginners.
    Did you find this helpful?  4 of 6 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: Jennifer from michigan on 3/25/2011
    Love It!!
    Was a little skeptical of a new product at first but just got this yesterday and can already feel extra energy.
    Did you find this helpful?  7 of 10 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: Jeff from Home on 3/10/2011
    It's Finally Here! Yay!
    I've been waiting all year for Lipodrene Hardcore, tried it at the Arnold Classic. Definitely gives Lipodrene Original a run for its money.
    Did you find this helpful?  11 of 13 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: Andrew from Connecticut on 3/10/2011

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