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ALRI Lean Dreams

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Lean Dreams

Lean Dreams, by ALR Industries, is formulated to be used in conjunction with the daytime fat burning winner Hyperdrive 3.0+. Lean Dreams is a night time formula that promotes relaxation, regulates cortisol, and supports sounder sleep.

When you don't get enough sleep at night fat builds up more easily, recovery is stunted, cortisol levels rise, and lean tissue loss occurs more readily. Lean Dreams is the key to allowing your body to recover and optimize your weight loss results.

What's in Lean Dreams?

  • Oleamide: Sleep modulator
  • L-Tryptophan Ethyl Ester- contains melantonin 
  • Jujuba PE 2%: Sleep
  • Valerian: Sleep aid and stress reducer
  • Rotundine: Sleep
  • Melantonin: Anti-oxidant and sleep aid
  • Berberine: Promotes natural GH stimulation
  • Hipsidulin: Anti-oxidant, anti-anxiety, and GH modulator
  • Magnolia Extract & Baicalin: Anti-cortisol & Anti-anxiety

ALRI Lean Dreams Supplements Facts & Reviews

Use ALR Lean Dreams as directed below to achieve optimum results

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