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Stimamine XR is the REPLACEMENT!

Fastin XR - Extended Release Fastin

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals formulated Fastin XR using microencapsulation technology to create a product that will be effective all day long without a comedown or jitters. Fastin XR is an excellent alternative to Phentermine and Adipex 37.5. The extended release delivery system of Fastin XR diet pills supplies you with a steady stream of pharmaceutical grade ingredients throughout the day. If you are one of the many that achieved great results with the original Fastin, you will love Fastin XR. This weight loss supplement has the same ingredients as the original but an entirely new delivery system that will keep your appetite suppressed all day long. Another huge incentive with Fastin XR diet pills is that you do not need a prescription from your doctor. If you want to lose weight, but can't seem to put the fork and knife down, Fastin XR is for you. Ninety capsules is up to a three month daily supply. If you want to learn more about Fastin XR keep on reading.

What Makes Fastin XR Diet Pills Effective

At Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals in Norcross, GA they only use ingredients that meet pharmaceutical quality. Ingredients in Fastin XR diet pills are of high quality. Let's take a closer look to see exactly how Fastin XR diet pills keep you from eating and putting on the extra pounds.

  • Acacia Rigidula Extract - Which yields 200 mg of phenylethlanine, which is a stimulant that is known to have very similar effects of ephedrine and antidepressants making it the prime ingredient for Fastin XR.
  • Methyl-synephrine - commonly found bitter orange extract and used for the thermogenic effects. You can experience a slight rise in body temperature and feel an intense rush of energy. Methylsynephrine is what gives Fastin XR that extra kick, but since Fastin XR is extended release, you will expect it to be a little more mellow than the original Fastin.
  • Yohimbine HCL - Which is a stimulant that decreases appetite and in known for increasing libido.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous - Know for weight loss properties caffeine will increase energy while it helps you lose weight.
  • Naringen - A flavanoid known for increasing absorption of active ingredients, commonly extracted from grapefruit juice.
  • Theobromine - Also know as cocoa and is often found in chocolate. Theobromine has been known to act as a diuretic. So make sure to drink large amounts of water as you should with any diet pill.

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FastinXR is the first and only fat burner I have found that even compairs to the oxyelite that I took while working out and lost the last of my 150lbs when I hit my Plato after 80lbs I am very happy to have found another fat burner very happy
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Reviewed by: Joanna from Illinois on 12/23/2018
An AWesome Product
I don't usually writer reviews but this product deserves one. This is an awesome product. It worked better for me than the prescribed Adipex. Lost 7 pounds in one week
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Reviewed by: Tonya from Dallas on 11/24/2012
This totally kills your appetite and it lasts all day long. It's every bit as powerful as a prescription-only diet pill. It's very similar to phentermine.
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Reviewed by: Sean from Indianapolis, IN on 10/20/2012
Love this!
I usually never write reviews on products, but this product defiantly deserves one! My brother is a personal trainer and gets mad at me because I do NOT workout. I am in my fist year of college and not wanting to gain the frehman 15 lol so he gave these for me to try! I take one in the morning before I eat then one at lunch time (12ish) and have lost weight. I have not weighed myself but I can tell by looking in the mirror and how my clothes are fitting. Before I started this product I weighed 135 and im 5'6 but have huge love handles that im trying to loose. I do, do yoga twice a week for a hour and 15 min. and occasionally abbs just for the hell of it. I do kinda get jitters while on it and pee alot so if you cant go too the restroom when you need to dont take this product! also make sure you are drinking alot of water and I have to make myself eat! I hope this helped and feel free too ask me anything you are having question about! ~Lacy
Did you find this helpful?  8 of 9 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: Lacy from Texas on 10/16/2012
I LOVE this product! And I,ve tried it all!
Did you find this helpful?  6 of 7 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: Steven Straiton from Philadelphia 19149 on 9/7/2012

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