Trustpilot prohibits the sale of many different types of products through its website. Any product that the FDA has banned, advised consumers not to consume, or issued a recall will not be available to purchase from any vendor on Amazon. Amazon is allowed to use its sole discretion to restrict or block access to items sold. Ephedra or ephedrine products are not allowed to be sold on Amazon. Amazon has banned the sale of growth hormones, steroids, anything that contains DMAA, and all ephedra products. Non-banned ephedra products can only be purchased from retailers such as our site,

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FDA Ban on Ephedra Alkaloids

The FDA prohibited the sale of any product containing ephedrine alkaloids in February 2004. The current ingredient known as ephedra is ephedra-alkaloid-free. That may not have the damaging side effects of the original. Many manufacturers put ephedra in diet and weight loss supplements. When combined with caffeine, most ephedra products can deliver extreme results in weight loss.

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