Bulking Andro Kit

Bulking Andro Kit

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M1D Andro


Bulking Andro Kit by LG Sciences

You know why you’re here. The same reason you’ve been going so hard in the gym. It’s about time for the bulks to get bolder and for folks to notice how big you’re getting. Ready to take your gains to the next level?

Introducing the Andro Bulking Kit from LG Sciences.

The premium method to change up your fitness regimen and get back to moving the scale with more muscle mass.

Scientifically designed and designed with you in mind, this four-product three-stage kit should have you meeting your goals in size and strength, in a liver-safe and carefully mapped supplement program that will have ladies in the gym holding their breath while the other guys give up and throw in the towel.


Directions & Dosing Chart: Not only will this kit contain all the products you need to bulk up, but it also includes a dosage chart and instructions that will keep you honest while making sure you stick to safe practices for these types of supplements.

M1D Andro: One of the most popular prohormones around. Designed to naturally boost your body’s testosterone levels help you BULK back up to punishing pumps and sleeve-busting biceps.

4-ANDRO: 4-Androstenolone, a state of the art prohormone that is naturally converted to testosterone by the body’s metabolic system. This increased testosterone level should provide you with increased blood flow to the muscles while working out, leading to BIGGER PUMPS and more significant strength gains.

1-Andro: Another popular prohormone, 1-Androstenolone converts to a different hormone naturally produced in the male body called 1-testosterone. Whereas 4-Andro listed above can lead to water retention to help with gaining muscle mass, this dry formula will allow you to burn fat while still providing modest but DENSE GAINS that are relatively easy to maintain.

Form-XT: After four weeks of high-testosterone fueled weightlifting focused on bulking, the system is designed to regulate your body’s hormones to a normal maintainable level. The PCT (Post-Cycle Therapy) phase lets you KEEP YOUR GAINS during this regulatory process after your cutting cycle. Proper cycling is essential to get the most out of your work out system.

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