Ephedra Products from Beta Labs

Beta Labs is a revolutionary manufacturer of dietary supplements. Beta Labs is committed to providing incredibly effective performance and weight loss products. Beta Labs has scientifically engineered their high quality products to help you reach your desired physique. They have a unique line of products ranging from ephedra diet pills to all natural fat burners. If you are looking to attain your weight loss goals, look no further than Beta Labs’ great diet and weight loss supplements.


Beta Labs’ strongest formula is called Phentalene. Phentalene contains 138mg of ephedra, caffeine, and a blend of other ingredients that will help you shed those unwanted pounds. Both the ephedra and caffeine can boost your energy throughout the day to support your exercise regimen. Phentalene is designed to suppress your appetite and help you avoid those late night cravings. This powerful combination of ingredients was designed to maximize your body’s ability to metabolize food and help you reach your weight loss goals.

Red Vipers

Red Vipers by Beta Labs is not like any other ephedra diet pill on the market. The proprietary blend of ingredients in Red Vipers work together to help you burn fat and stick to your weight loss plan. Most dieters feel like they have less energy when they workout more and eat less, but by adding Red Vipers to your diet you can help boost your energy. At the same time that Red Vipers can reduce your appetite, it can help you feel more alert and able to focus on your weight loss goals.

Phen FX

Phen FX is another powerful weight loss supplement from Beta Labs. Phen FX contains 550mg of quality ingredients, including ephedra, that can help you slim down your body. Phen FX is formulated to help boost your body’s natural ability to burn fat instead of muscle. Phen FX can help you to stay energized and improve your performance in the gym. Phen FX is a great ephedra diet pill that can really deliver results.

Oxyphen XR Amp’d

The newest addition to Beta Labs products is Oxyphen XR Amp’d. After the ban on DMAA from the FDA, Beta Labs created a new, stronger version of their beloved product Oxyphen XR. The main ingredient is called 4-AMP Citrate and it can give you hours of focus and jitter free energy. This energy can help you burn off more calories and increase your performance in the gym. Try Oxyphen XR Amp’d to see real results faster than ever.

Other Beta Labs Products

Other incredible products available from Beta Labs include Super Green Coffee, Raspberry Ketone, Super Garcinia Cambogia, Agapure, and Oxyphen XR. Super Green Coffee is a green coffee bean extract that uses caffeine to help suppress your appetite. Raspberry Ketone is the newest revolution in weight loss supplements and helps provide a natural way to burn fat and keep to your diet plan. Super Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit rind extract that supports fat loss. Agapure is an agmatine sulfate supplement that can give you energy to improve your workouts. Oxyphen XR is one of the best fat burners on the market and a top seller for Beta Labs. Overall, this comprehensive line of products from Beta Labs should be able to help anyone with their weight loss goals. Whether you are looking for a strong ephedra diet pill or an all-natural fat burner, Beta Labs has the dietary supplement for you.

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