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What is Anogenin by Blackstone Labs?

Anogenin by Blackstone Labs is one of the most popular prohormone products from the company Blackstone Labs. This Laxogenin is plant-based and helps to promote gains in muscle, strength, and libido without the common side effects associated with prohormone use.

Is Anogenin by Blackstone Labe for you?

Anogenin is especially designed for women. Women can use Anogenin as a prohormone because it does not boost testosterone levels or effect hormone levels, so it is safe for women because they will not experience any negative side effects. Anogenin is the perfect prohormone for the inexperienced or beginner user. If you’ve never tried a prohormone but you’ve always been curious, this would be the one to start with.

Effectiveness of Anogenin

Anogenin is strong enough to give you results comparable to Anavar but it’s safe enough for you to avoid any liver-based side effects. How is this possible? As mentioned above, Anogenin is a Laxogenin. These compounds have been shown to promote the same anabolic benefits that you would get with a toxic prohormone without the usual effects such as liver toxicity and gyno. If you have been around the block a few times with prohormones, Anogenin is still going to be valuable to you. Use it as a part of your prohormone stack and see terrific results.

These are the benefits of Anogenin?

If your goal is muscle mass, fat loss, libido enhancement, and testosterone boosting then Anogenin has you covered.

  • Boosts protein synthesis
  • Promotes lean muscle tissue development
  • Enhances strength and power gains
  • Increases the anabolic environment in the body to maximize muscle building and fat loss
  • Not toxic to the liver

Due to it having minimal side effects, Anogenin can also be used as a part of your PCT (post-cycle therapy) AFTER a different cycle of prohormone, usually one that is much harsher on the body.

Anogenin Product Reviews

Anogenin from Blackstone Labs contains Laxogenin. This is a plant-based growth compound that promotes muscle building, fat loss, and overall performance. It’s so unique because of the results it can help you achieve with none (or minimal) side effects that come along with other prohormones such as hair loss, liver toxicity, and gyno. If you want to increase your muscle mass and decrease the amount of fat on your body, let Anogenin help you.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose, or prevent any disease.

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