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Cutting Andro Kit

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EpiAndro 50


Cutting Andro Kit by LG Sciences

Congrats. You’ve made it.

You’ve been disciplined for months, and you’re wrapping up your grueling, bulking phase. All those weeks cramming in bland macros and tracking every single rep at the gym were tough, but you’ve made dizzying gains in strength. Now it will all be worth it once you run a successful cutting cycle to show off how absolutely shredded you’ve become.

We know that cutting can be just as tricky as bulking. You need more than the average thermogenic fat-burner, and you do things the right way - steroids aren’t even an option.

The new LG Sciences Andro Cutting Kit is designed for gym rats - no - gym beasts - like you, to ensure you stay on track during your cutting cycle so you can achieve that lean and compact, single digit body-fat percentage look.The kit includes a legal, completely liver-safe, three prohormone stack AND A PCT to help you eliminate fat and maintain your hard earned gains.

Choose the Andro Cutting Kit by LG Sciences because you can’t afford to let all your hard work go to waste.

What’s Included in the Andro Cutting Kit and Why

Simple and easy cutting.

Timing and Dosage Schedule

Know exactly when and how much to take for maximum benefit. Make sure that you are getting the most out of your program by following the included plan. Don’t be stuck in the dark with other products - with the dosage plan in your Andro Cutting Kit, you will never have to second guess your timing and dosage.

3 Prohormone Stack helps to:

  • Shrink body fat
  • Boost lean muscle mass
  • Boost vascularity
  • Boost definition
  1. EpiAndro 50
  2. 1-Andro
  3. 17-ProAndro

Completely legal and completely non-toxic, this triple stack of powerful prohormones is an excellent choice for the serious, male weightlifter who is seeking steady, sustainable gains during his cutting phase.

PCT or Post-Cycle Therapy


The Andro Cutting Kit stresses the importance of post-cycle habits. Don’t lose the gains following your supplement regimen. The PCT included with the Kit is designed to keep your gains by helping to normalize natural hormone levels after your cutting cycle. Anyone who knows their stuff understands the immense importance of PCT in recovery!

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