ALR TX Thyroid Support


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T-X Thyroid Hormone Supplement by ALR

T-X, by ALR Industries, supports natural thyroid function and aids weight loss by revving up a slow metabolism. T-X allows your body to burn more calories, increases fat oxidation, promotes lean muscle mass, supports natural thyroid function, and stimulates HPTA function.

Whats in T-X?

  • Diprop & Triprop (potent thyroid analogs): these two naturally occuring compounds boost your metabolic rate and allow your body to burn more calories.
  • Tyrosine: supports natural thyroid function
  • Olive Leaf Extract: increases TSH( Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) production
  • Clary Sage Extract: boost cAMP activity by triggering thyroid enzyme adenylate cyclase
  • Beta AET ECPE: ALRI formulated metabolite aids in fat loss and lean muscle retention

ALR TX Metabolism Booster Ingredients

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