The Best Way to Lose Weight in 2011

Now that the Holiday season is over, I'm sure many of you, like me, want to start 2011 off on the right foot. For me, that means getting my home and family in order and setting goals for this year. I swept my kitchen clean of any leftover holiday goodies and junk food and developed an exercise regimen to follow. After vacationing with family across the country while my daughter was out of school for two weeks, it’s great to return to my routine.

Along with my workout schedule and revamped diet, I started back taking Lean & Hot diet pills. After the previous Thanksgiving, I tried Lean & Hot with ephedra for the first time and realized that I love this weight loss product. After three weeks I lost almost 10 pounds, just in time for Christmas! Well, now that the holidays are over, and I again have a new found motivation to get in great shape, I am dusting off the Lean & Hot bottle. Lean & Hot gives me a great rush of energy to push my runs further than usual, and it doesn't give me jitters or leave me feeling drained later like some diet pills do.  I love that it has acai berry with antioxidant body cleansing benefits as well as being a great ECA stack fat burner. I strongly recommend Lean & Hot to anyone wanting to try something new to loose weight this year. 

I have found that it is a little difficult to keep up my motivation for running outside with this dreary winter weather. Fortunately, I have a dog who gives me no choice. We have a very energetic 2 year old Vizsla who needs lots of daily exercise. I find that my best motivation for running is to sign myself up for as many races as I can and make myself run to train for them. I am not a serious runner so these are only 5ks, and 10ks. I have yet to do a half marathon but I am sure I will soon. 

     My husband and I love to hike, and our 5 year old daughter has been quite the trooper on hikes up to 8 miles. We pack a backpack with snacks and enjoy the amazing California weather and hills whenever we can. This year we plan to do even more hiking and maybe even venture into mountain biking. Not for my 5 year old of course. Regular driveway and park biking for her, thanks. At least for now. I look forward to watching her get into sports this year and become a little athlete. For 2011 I only hope to enjoy life to the fullest, and keep my body in tip top shape, and I hope all of our customers and readers do too!

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