Ephedrine vs Ephedra

If you’ve been looking into taking diet pills, you may have become confused with all of the words on the labels.  These include ephedra and ephedrine – and they can sound too similar to most beginning diet pill users.  But while these two ingredients might sound the same and have many of the same effects, it’s good for dieters to know what makes each of them special.  And when you understand what you’re putting in your body, you can understand how this will impact your health and your weight loss.


If you’re looking for the power of ephedra, but without the health effects, ephedrine might be a good choice for your needs.  This diet pill ingredient is an alkaloid of ephedra, which means it’s related, but it’s not the same plant.  You will find that you have the same effects of appetite suppression and increased energy, but with a much lower chance of side effects, according to ephedrine reviews.  If you’re interested in trying out a diet pill that is powerful, ephedrine is a good choice for beginners, though it’s always a good idea to talk with your doctor before you take any new supplement.


Ephedra is a weight loss ingredient that comes from a shrub in many parts of the world.  When you use this diet supplement, you will notice that you have more energy and that it helps to suppress your appetite for long periods of time.  Though ephedra has been banned in the past, it is considered to be one of the most powerful diet pills on the market because it works. When taken in the proper dosage, however, ephedra does help to support weight loss efforts.

Which is Better?

What you want to know is that between ephedra and ephedrine, there really isn’t a clear winner in terms of helping you with your weight loss.  What you may find today is that ephedrine diet pills are more readily available.  And because you want to make sure that your diet pills are always available for you to use, this is a strong selling point for many.  Check the reviews to see whether ephedrine and ephedra diet pills are right for you, and then talk with your doctor to have them weigh in too.

Though weight loss is your goal with both ephedra and ephedrine, your health is the most important part of the equation.



Date 2/25/2017

Hi, I am trying to understand which ingredient is more effective. By reading the above articles, it sounds diet pills with ephedrine is more effective ? If it is, can you recommend a product on that has the ephedrine ingredient as oppose to the ephedra. Thanks for your help. James

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