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Rhino Rush Ephedra Shots
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Rhino Rush Energy Shots with Ephedra

Rhino Rush Shots

When it comes to convenience, efficiency, and value, Rhino Rush Energy Shots are the way to go. If an individual seeks out energy supplementation, they are seeking the perfect blend of metabolism igniting power and extremely potent energy boosts. On top of this very simple notion, there are several other factors to consider when choosing an energy supplement. There is the convenience factor of course. Rhino Rush energy shots with 30 mg of ephedra are readily available and easy to carry and drink no matter where the individual may be. These ephedra energy shots are fast acting and have a very impressive list of ingredients that put other energy shots to shame.

What Makes Rhino Rush Shots Work

Take caffeine for instance. When used alone, caffeine is good for energy boosts but does not last long, can cause excessive jitters and agitation, and restricts blood flow. When combined with other selective ingredients, caffeine will show its full potential for being just a small part in the igniting power of Rhino Energy.

Rhino Rush Energy shots have a Acacia Rigidula and a unique blend of ephedra extract, taurine, and caffeine to give an individual unstoppable, long lasting energy and support for the body. Acacia Rigidula is a Natural Thermogenic that also helps in turning body fats in to energy for the body. Its speeds up metabolic rate with the release of epinephrine, norepinephrine, and catechlomines that dilate peripheral blood vessels increasing pulse rate and heart rate Ephedra extract will give you energy, suppress your appetite, and boost your metabolism. Taurine is a natural amino acid that is found in the body in small quantities.  It plays an important role in metabolism and mood stabilization.  It acts by directly affecting the oxygen/blood transfer between cells and also removes harmful toxins out of the body.  A toxic body is a lagging, slow body!  Caffeine of course is a natural stimulant that will increase alertness and heart rate and helping the body burn more calories while at rest. 

Rhino Rush Ephedra Shots are Revolutionary

Understanding how these ingredients work, and then combining them all in order to maximize energy, health, and performance, the makers of Rhino Rush Energy shots have done something that their counterparts have only dreamed of. They have created a convenient, healthy, and extremely effective energy shot that consumers are raving over!  No more excessive amounts of vascular constricting caffeine!  Why not combine a healthy level of caffeine with several other natural energy and alertness boosters to make the ultimate product.

I threw my spark in the trash. Literally

Reviewed by: Amber Clayton
from texas. 4/23/2014

This is the best energy shot I have ever had. I'm desperate to get it into more stores. You will have no idea what talking about until you try it. As a mother of four boys trust me I KNOW what good energy feels like!

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Reviewed by: Brian Ford
from Canyon Lake, CA. 9/4/2014

Personally, I've been using ephedra since 2001, and I'm only 29. So I've been using products like this for a long time. This is one of the cleanest, best products on the market, IMO. The only downside is the price. It's about $1.00 too expensive per shot.

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Reviewed by: Kim Gelderman
from lKent Washington. 10/27/2013

great product A Sip here and there instant energy without crash Rhino rush 1 bottle last all day

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Reviewed by: Jesse
from USA. 9/13/2013

great product lots of energy service and shipping was amazing, I will def. purchase from your company agene.

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Reviewed by: Brent James
from Boise. 7/17/2013

I've tried every "little" shot bottle on the market like 5 hour energy. They all offer the same type of energy which is mediocre. RHINO RUSH is awesome. The liquid ephedra works great! No jitters and instant long lasting energy. I would recommend to anyone to try it at least once for them selves.

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Reviewed by: Wendy Doran
from Tampa, FL. 1/18/2013

I like RhinoRush better than the 5 Hour Energy - tastes better and didn't give me the jitters.

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Good stuff

Reviewed by: see-dub
from West Palm Beach, FL. 8/14/2012

Used it and it works, great stuff.

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Rhino Rush Energy Shot Review

Reviewed by: Josie
from Charlotte, NC. 7/28/2012

Rhino Rush has a great taste and is much stronger than a 5 hour energy. It hit me much faster than ephedra in the pill. It was almost instant. I a Rhino Rush Shot when I pull up to the gym by the time I'm checked in I am ready to go. Rhino Rush still last 5 Hours, but its a much more intense 5 hours.

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Rhino Rush rocks!

Reviewed by: Cheryl
from Iowa. 3/30/2015

Rhino Rush is so powerful I only need a couple of capfuls to get up and running. It doesn't give me the jitters or shakes like other products have. The only downside is it ocntains sucralose. I like this product so much that I would gladly put up with it not tasting good in exchange for no sucralose.

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Great product

Reviewed by: John vaughn
from franklin tn. 2/16/2015

love rhino rush really gets me going

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epehdra wharehouse

Reviewed by: matt mahoney
from susanville, ca. 11/2/2014

This is the best energy shot ever. I have tries every one out there and nothing compares or even cones close. If you are sensitive to caffeine only drink half a shot.

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The **BEST**FASTEST** Energy Quick Shot Drink On The Market

Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) Russ Cappellino Jr
from California. 8/19/2014

I have tried just about every quick shot drink or inhaler sold at the gas station or 7-eleven. One day I saw this purple shot Rhino Rush at $2.50 and figured what the heck let me try two. Drank one and by the time I got to my vehicle was mentally wide awake and could not believe the feeling. No shakes, no bad taste, just a smooth focused alert state of mind. Hit the gym, my workout was amazing! Came home ordered 24 and now I am down to three left so I am ordering again!

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rhino rush

Reviewed by: steve hayes
from atlanta ga . 12/8/2013

This item is full of energy help me when i have no energy better than energy drinks

Did you find this helpful?   1 of 2 Found Helpful


Equipment operator

Reviewed by: Ron
from Elko nevada. 3/12/2015

I work a rotating schedule, night's and day's Rhino's help with the transition from day's to night's. I never have a crash, it's a nice consistent energy…I love em!!!

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Reviewed by: Rhonda Hohensee
from Fortuna. 9/27/2014

The members at Body Works Fitness Club really like the Rhino Rush. It gives them energy to complete their workout

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