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Ready for Bikini Season? Diet Pills Can Help

Posted by Ashleigh Tuttle on 5/16/2011 to Health & Fitness

When summer is on the horizon, you might worry about what winter weight is hiding underneath your sweaters. Even if you haven’t gained weight over the colder months, it never hurts to tighten up your body in preparation for the beach.  With diet pills like Lipodrene with ephedra, you can speed up the weight loss process, so even if bikini season sneaks up on you, you won’t be caught unprepared.

Extra Ten Pounds to Lose? Why Diet Pills Can Be the Answer

Posted by Sarah Franklin on 3/21/2011 to Health & Fitness

Diet pills offer you the opportunity to finally lose those last ten pounds – the stubborn ones.  Losing just ten pounds of weight can help you look better and become healthier, so why is it so difficult to lose these last few pounds?

Gearing Up For 2011

Posted by Sarah Franklin on 1/7/2011 to Health & Fitness

The Best Way To Lose Weight In 2011

      Now that the Holiday season is over I'm sure many of you, like me, want to start 2011 off on the right foot. For me that means getting my house in order, and setting goals for this year. I swept my kitchen clean of any left over holiday goodies and junk food, and set an exercise regimen in stone to follow. After vacationing with family across the country and my daughter being out of school for two weeks, its great to be back to a routine.

Getting Through The Holidays Fat Free

Posted by Sarah Franklin on 10/9/2010 to Health & Fitness

    Fall has arrived and with it the holiday season is slowly approaching. Now is the time to buckle down on your fitness and diet regime and stick to it stead fast. If you start to stray now, you will be more tempted to stray once the Halloween candy, turkey, and Christmas deserts appear. As long as you make no excuses, work out regularly, and make healthy everyday food choices, you will have no problems on those few special days. Imagine enjoying the holidays, and sampling the goodies, guilt free! That is what I plan to do, so I decided to share my resolve with you. Good Luck!

Food Logging: Why It Is Essential To Dieters!

Posted by Sarah Franklin on 9/8/2010 to Health & Fitness
If you are serious about loosing weight I hope you keep a food log. If you don't, you should start now! I do and it keeps me in check of what I consume. If you make it a habit to log everything you eat and drink, you will think twice about giving into cravings. There are countless apps for the iphone, ipod touch, or ipad for logging your food intake and calories, logging your exercise, and weight loss goals. I use my fitness pal, which you can also do online at

How To Diet For Long-Term Weight Control?

Posted by Sarah Franklin on 8/14/2010 to Health & Fitness

    Hi Guys! There are so many diets out there with conflicting messages. Some recommend low-fat/hi carbohydrate diets, while others recommend high protein/low carbohydrate diets. There are always a handful of diet books suggesting diets like these on the New York Times best seller list and I know some of you have tried them.

The New Ephedra Warehouse Blog!

Posted by Sarah Franklin on 8/10/2010 to Health & Fitness
      Hello Ephedra Warehouse customers! Welcome to our new blog :) Everyday I will write about our products, health and fitness, and review supplements myself as we get new ones in.  This is a great opportunity for me to share my weightloss and fitness journey with you guys.
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