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Is Ephedra Legal?

Posted by Sarah Franklin on 8/29/2010 to Ephedra
     The answer is Yes, ephedra is legal. When I tell people about our products and our website, more often than not I hear "Isn't ephedra banned?" What a lot of people don't know is that there are 36 different species of ephedra many of them having wonderful weight loss and fat burning properties. In 2006 the FDA banned any dietary supplements with active ephedrine alkaloids.

Getting Fit with Green Stinger

Posted by Sarah Franklin on 8/25/2010 to Ephedra

    Today marks the end of my summer and the beginning of my getting fit boot camp. My daughter started kindergarten today and I started getting my butt back in tip top shape. We have been on vacation after vacation this summer, and trust me it shows in how tight my jeans have been lately. I started my day as always with a cup of coffee and the usual getting ready for school, back to the old routine. I opened up a brand new bottle of green stinger, took two, and prepared myself for a serious sweat session.

How To Diet For Long-Term Weight Control?

Posted by Sarah Franklin on 8/14/2010 to Health & Fitness

    Hi Guys! There are so many diets out there with conflicting messages. Some recommend low-fat/hi carbohydrate diets, while others recommend high protein/low carbohydrate diets. There are always a handful of diet books suggesting diets like these on the New York Times best seller list and I know some of you have tried them.

The New Ephedra Warehouse Blog!

Posted by Sarah Franklin on 8/10/2010 to Health & Fitness
      Hello Ephedra Warehouse customers! Welcome to our new blog :) Everyday I will write about our products, health and fitness, and review supplements myself as we get new ones in.  This is a great opportunity for me to share my weightloss and fitness journey with you guys.
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