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Lean & Hot Rocks

Posted by Sarah Franklin on 10/17/2010 to New Product Releases
     Hi guys, I have been very excited to try our new product Lean & Hot because I love Green Stinger so much, and they are both manufactured by Schwartz Labs. Lean & Hot is really refreshing because it does it all and gets bonus points for having the super healthy acai berry in it. I can get a daily does of 1000 mg of acai berry, which provides a big dose of antioxidants to boost the immune system and fight aging.

Getting Through The Holidays Fat Free

Posted by Sarah Franklin on 10/9/2010 to Health & Fitness

    Fall has arrived and with it the holiday season is slowly approaching. Now is the time to buckle down on your fitness and diet regime and stick to it stead fast. If you start to stray now, you will be more tempted to stray once the Halloween candy, turkey, and Christmas deserts appear. As long as you make no excuses, work out regularly, and make healthy everyday food choices, you will have no problems on those few special days. Imagine enjoying the holidays, and sampling the goodies, guilt free! That is what I plan to do, so I decided to share my resolve with you. Good Luck!
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